Archadeck Building Comfortable Spaces
Archadeck Building Comfortable Spaces

Franchisee loves watching the brand grow.

These days, quality time with family and friends seems ever more precious amid the speed and workload of today’s digital world.

There is an undeniable attraction to a backyard deck that brings people together and fosters great memories. Archadeck, a deck and outdoor space building brand that is part of the Outdoor Living Brands family, has been able to build its own comfortable space as one of the nation’s top service franchise opportunities.
Mike Reeder, a franchisee with Archadeck out of Columbus, Ohio, talks about why he chose an opportunity with Archadeck and the chance to help people build new memories for years to come.

1851: Can you tell me a little bit about your background?

Reeder: I worked in the hospitality industry for about 18 years with Hyatt Hotels and Arnold Palmer Golf Management​.

1851: Why did you choose an opportunity with Archadeck?

​Reeder: I was looking to run my own business and knew from personal experience that contractors typically are not necessarily service-oriented, nor professional. I liked the idea of an industry that was not too affected by economic downturns as people always need to have things upgraded or repaired. This is true even though we are a "want" and not a "need." I also liked the idea of being involved in a franchise system.

1851: Do you run your business year-round or is it seasonal?

​Reeder: Even though we are in the Midwest, we have been busy with backlog even in the winter. We cannot construct patios in the winter but structures such as decks and roof structures can be done during most winters.​

1851: What market territory do you own and when did you become a franchisee?

Reeder: I own the Columbus, Ohio, market and began in late summer 2001.

1851: What do you enjoy most about being an Archadeck franchisee?

​Reeder: The camaraderie of other colleagues in our business. Every project is different, which leads to tremendous opportunity and seeing our brand grow. ​

1851: What advice would you give to other people looking at Archadeck for an opportunity?

​Reeder: Consider it. Using the franchise model is the key to success. One will work extremely hard, especially in the first three years. This is not any different than any other new business.​