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Subway Franchisees Sign to Bring Multiple Units of Atomic Wings to Tennessee

Rajiv Vyas and Gary Patel recently signed to open 10 Atomic Wings restaurants in the greater Nashville area.

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SPONSOREDUpdated 4:16PM 01/24/23

Atomic Wings, the emerging franchise created with a mission to share authentic New York-style Buffalo wings with the world, is experiencing rapid growth with the guidance of its multi-unit operators. With over 40 years of combined experience in franchising, Rajiv Vyas and Gary Patel are joining forces to bring multiple Atomic Wings units to the greater Nashville area.

“We have extensive experience in the franchising industry with the Subway locations we both own,” said Patel . “So we are excited to get started with a new brand. We really love the concept of franchising, especially with Atomic Wings.”

With a mission to engage with their local communities and provide employment opportunities throughout Tennessee, the business partners plan to eventually expand their reach with more than 10 units. The duo prioritizes employee satisfaction in all its business operations, knowing that employees are the foundation of a successful business.

“I want to contribute to the communities where I have businesses,” said Vyas. “It’s so important to give back and be active. I like to go to each store I own and ensure my employees and customers are happy. If my employees are happy, my customers will be, too.”

Since day one, Atomic Wings has been creating an avid customer base by serving up awesome flavors. While most wing shops offer only a few sauce options, Atomic Wings offers 14. Each flavor was composed after months of research and development. Atomic Wings has always stayed one step ahead, innovating with new products to keep customers invested. For example, Atomic Wings recently set itself apart with its spiciest sauce to date — the Nuclear Sauce. 

“Who doesn’t love to eat wings? You truly can’t go wrong with wings,” said Vyas. “Atomic Wings stood out to me for many reasons. The brand works hard and is well on its way to over 100 units.  They are expanding across the nation and I love the idea of being part of something special. We were looking for a new concept to bring to the area for three or four years. When we found Atomic Wings, we knew it would work in our communities.” 

The franchise is excited about the immense growth it has experienced with its multi-unit operators and is seeking skilled business owners to guide the brand’s expansion. Zak Omar, CEO of Atomic Wings, is ready to bring the beloved New York-style cuisine to more locations nationwide. 

“Our menu was created based on a simple principle — to share our love for authentic Buffalo wings with the world,” said Omar. “Each Atomic Wings location has a unique menu. However, you will always find the same great wings, combos and signature sauces that have made our menu a staple in New York City and beyond.”

The total investment necessary to begin the operation of an Atomic Wings restaurant is $155,900 to $338,500. The total investment necessary to begin the operation of a multi-unit developer business for a required minimum of three Atomic Wings franchises is $197,900 to $381,000. For more information, visit


Atomic Wings was created in 1989 with a mission to share authentic New York-style Buffalo wings with the world. Now, with dozens of restaurants open in the U.S., Atomic Wings is setting its sights on nationwide growth. In addition to its existing locations in New York and Maryland, Atomic Wings has additional units signed to open in Arizona, Nevada, California, Indiana and Texas. The brand is led by owners and brothers Zak and Ray Omar and offers customers fresh, never frozen, natural and hormone-free chicken wings hand-tossed in 14 proprietary sauces, a classic menu, a welcoming dining experience and a commitment to quality. For more information about Atomic Wings, please visit

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