Balance of the Year Outlook: Q&A with Jania Bailey, President of FranNet
Balance of the Year Outlook: Q&A with Jania Bailey, President of FranNet

A chat about FranNet's past, present and future.

What were your goals for the franchise in 2014?

Our brand’s goal this year was to continue our aggressive growth in revenue and sales. In fact, this year, we have experienced a 20 percent increase. Other major goals included expanding FranNet internationally and the launch of Proven Match, our new division. Proven Match is new software powered by FranNet that assesses a franchise system’s member’s traits to figure out the characteristics of top performers versus middle of the road franchisees versus the lowest tier performers. We are very proud of this new innovation and addition to our business; there is now strong data available for people to review when considering joining a franchise to determine if they are likely to succeed or fail with the business.

What were your technology-focused goals in 2014?

This year we wanted to launch some ancillary websites, some of which were needed in different languages and one focused on Proven Match. To handle the development and implementations, we hired a full-time IT employee to lead this charge and complete the new websites this year.

What is the status on those goals at the start of Q3? Have goal priorities shifted for the balance of the year?

We are very much on track with all of our brand technology goals for 2014. We even added a new Master Franchisee in London, who will have a dual role as franchisee and as Vice President of International Sales for FranNet. He will help identify international brands that may want to work with FranNet. Our continued growth and sales successes can be attributed to our senior leadership keeping an unwavering sharp eye on the goals, as well as to our motivated, dedicated and well-trained team in the field making an impact on the lives of entrepreneurs in communities all across the country.

Are there any upcoming brand initiatives to rollout before the year’s end?

We are in negotiations to have other divisions added to FranNet before the end of the third quarter.  And because we are growing, we are hiring at most levels, and are also looking to recruit new franchisees to join our system. So we’re currently focused on finding the right top-caliber people to join our growing brand.

What ideas are you looking to develop to grow the brand in 2015?

Before the year’s end, we want to set goals for 2015. Most of these goals will be based around the outcome surrounding recent government decisions and court rulings affecting the franchise industry. Also, throughout the rest of the year, we are trying to network as much with other brands in the industry to learn any additional best practices or new ideas that could spark new initiatives for 2015. In fact, this week I will attend a franchise industry event called the Best Ideas and Leadership Summit to learn new innovations in franchising that could benefit FranNet.