Father Prepares to Pass Fruitful Batteries Plus Bulbs Business to His Son
Father Prepares to Pass Fruitful Batteries Plus Bulbs Business to His Son

Thousand Oaks community continues to receive sterling service during management shift at local Batteries Plus Bulbs

Longtime Batteries Plus Bulbs business owner, Gary Hirth, has built a loyal following by providing superior customer service to the Thousand Oaks community and is trusting his son, Jeff Hirth, to do the same. According to VC Star, Gary established his Batteries Plus Bulbs location in 2003 and has been steering the store's success ever since. Jeff previously worked as a district facilities manager for Target, joined his father’s business last year and decided to purchase the store as Gary neared retirement. “When Gary started talking about wanting to retire, I thought that since my family worked really hard at this business to make it successful, I didn’t want to see it go to a stranger,” said Jeff. Gary still plans to work alongside his son and will slowly take steps back from the store's day-to-day management.

Batteries Plus Bulbs remain unmatched in their retail and electronic segments by offering customers an array of products and services most retailers can’t; according to the father-son duo, the employee's expertise along and product offerings have supported their store's steady growth for the last fifteen years. Batteries Plus Bulbs has seen consistent growth over the last 30 years and has become resilient changes in these segments due to their emphases on trustworthy, professional assistance and offering immediate support when customers seek services such as phone or tablet repair as well as batteries and bulbs for products ranging from cell phones to boats to ATVs. “The trust factor,” is one of the many reasons Gary is confident his son, Jeff, will continue the tradition of success his Batteries Plus Bulbs location has seen.

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