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Hospitality Technology: Cloud-Based Software Helps Beef 'O' Brady's Integrate Mobile Tech Into its System

The brand only works with digital platforms that enhance its operations.

As the shift to mobile has become more prominent in the restaruant industry, ranging from payment to loyalty, ensuring that the digital experience remains seamless across all platforms is vital. This is particularly true for restaurants looking to prioritize integration and maintain customer engagement. Because of this, operators are under pressure to ensure their POS systems enhance mobility and lay the groundwork for future advancements.

One of the first steps is to assess your brand's current environment for mobile readiness. By looking at the overlapping solutions and databases, Beef 'O' Brady's was able to sync the information for all 220 sports pubs locations and franchise owners onto one platform.

“You want to be able to pull your information using the same language to get the correct sales and to use mobile technology of any kind,” said Joe Uhl, COO, FSC Franchise Company in an interview with Hospitality Technology.

Another important step is to assess and select the proper vendors based on whether or not they suit the brand's needs and can lead to future development. FSC spent two years trying to translate its POS system to mobile before finally opting to move to the cloud.

“You constantly are challenged with older platforms having different versions of software. With cloud-based you’re pretty much guaranteed you’re going to be on the same platform,” said Uhl to reporter Lisa Terry.

By moving to an Android-based platform, the brand was able to expand the number of vendors used while lessening the overall cost.

“They’re younger but they’re also a little hungrier,” said Uhl to Hospitality Technology. “Their technology is very strong and we tested it for quite a while before we put it out there.”

This trial and error period continues as solutions are implemented. For FSC, this involved selling the franchisees on the benefit of shifting to a standardized platform.

"They realized they have to give up some freedoms to make it work,” said Uhl.

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