Best in Class Education Grows in Texas Behind Strong Multi-Unit Franchisee Group
Best in Class Education Grows in Texas Behind Strong Multi-Unit Franchisee Group

Cypress residents open their second Best in Class Education Center to provide supplementary education in their home community.

Public schools are experiencing major budget cuts across the board, resulting in teachers being let go and classroom sizes to increase at a rapid rate. These budget cuts are taking a toll on education across the country and funding programs are being created in their place. In Texas specifically, legislature cut taxes by a third in 2006, and the public-school budgets were suffering.

While many school districts have become accustomed to relying on public funding, a local Cypress couple decided to do their best to provide a solution to the on-going battle, starting with bringing three Best in Class Education Center units to the area to provide an alternative option for local students. Tanmoy and Veronica Reyna, local professors at University of Houston and Houston Community College, respectively, decided in 2016 to become franchisees with Best in Class Education Center and signed on to bring three new locations to their community.

“Both being in academia, we feel very strongly about students receiving the best education possible,” said Tanmoy Reyna. “Our children are actually enrolled in the local public schools and while we believe they are getting a great education, we thought that there could be an opportunity for more individualized supplementary education, which our centers will provide.”

Their first location, located at 7955 Barker Cypress Rd, opened in March of 2016 and saw an immediate positive response from the local community.

“Our enrollment numbers are continuously increasing so we are very excited to be opening our second location to provide for the demand of this service,” mentioned Reyna.

 Best in Class Education Center is dedicated to providing individual attention to students from grades K-12. The best way to achieve this goal is through their mission of building better teachers.

“We place a high importance on picking the right people to be teachers at our location,” noted Reyna. “We only bring in tutors who we believe are dedicated to helping the students grow as students and get a leg up on the educational competition in the area.”

Many of the teachers are either retired teachers in the area or current teachers who are looking for another job during off hours. Through the Best in Class training, the team is confident that they are building better teachers, that will in turn build successful students.

The Reyna’s new location at 17602 Grant Rd will be opening in December of 2017 with a grand opening planned for January of 2018. The husband and wife duo’s third location will be opening shortly after in March of 2018.

“Supplementary education is a necessary resource in almost all neighborhoods,” said Reyna. “We are really excited to be bringing this great service to our community and hope that it will help many families.”

To learn more about franchising opportunities with Best in Class Education Center, please visit https://www.bestinclassfranchise.com/.