BoConcept Launches Aggressive U.S. Expansion Plan With Flagship Manhattan Opening
BoConcept Launches Aggressive U.S. Expansion Plan With Flagship Manhattan Opening

Renowned Furniture Franchise Targets Up To 40 New Store Openings Over Next Five Years, Including Key Location on New York City’s Madison Avenue

BoConcept, the Danish-founded global retail furniture franchise with nearly 300 locations across 60 countries, is mounting an aggressive push for new market share across the U.S., building on its already successful locations in key growth markets like Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, Seattle and San Francisco. The landmark expansions will include the debut of a new flagship corporate store in New York City’s famed Madison Avenue shopping district, set to open in late summer 2017.   

BoConcept’s roots reach back to the beginning of the global Scandinavian furniture revolution. In 1952, Danish craftsmen Jens Ærthøj and Tage Mølholm built the first of many influential pieces to come: cabinets made of oak veneer with a mid-section of walnut. The functionalism sweeping through Danish design during the 1950s heavily influenced their aesthetic, and as industrial pioneers of their time, the founders opened a factory to ramp up production and reach more customers with their unique, contemporary and expertly-crafted furniture.

More than 65 years later, that same strong vision has transformed the company from its humble beginnings as a small furniture manufacturer into Denmark’s most successful global furniture franchise: BoConcept. The brand is now focused on mirroring its dominance overseas in the critically important and competitive U.S. market.

“Since our founding more than 60 years ago BoConcept has remained focused on becoming the number one brand in the world for progressive interior design elements,” said Steen Knigge, Director of U.S. Marketing for BoConcept. “We experienced rapid success across Europe and beyond thanks to our commitment to continually advancing modern design elements that elevate interior spaces to achieve their true potential. Now, with the launch of our flagship location in the heart of New York City, BoConcept is positioned as a true global leader on modern furniture’s world stage.”

The new location on Madison Avenue will showcase BoConcept’s differentiated designs for both home and office, featuring elements from world-renowned designers like Oki Sato and Karim Rashid. The modern, yet functional styles present an upscale option for the urban-minded homeowner, setting the brand apart from its competition.

“The new Madison Avenue location will highlight the core of our brand: statement pieces that elevate modern design potential,” Knigge said. “BoConcept creates impact moments through furniture. Presenting those progressive designs in the heart of one of the world’s fashion centers puts us on a larger stage than ever before.”

Through its franchise business model, BoConcept has also set itself apart in the industry by offering unparalleled support to its operators. From store opening to design planning, visual merchandising and local marketing, franchisees have a true corporate partner. Franchisees also receive access to BoConcept University, an online education program designed to ensure rapid operational success.

Backed by this proven concept and support system honed over decades of successful operation in Scandinavia and Europe, BoConcept made its debut in the U.S. in 2002 in New Jersey, launching a vision that would take its global business to the next level. After weathering the U.S. economy’s downturn in 2008, BoConcept streamlined its system to better serve its franchisees. Now, the brand is focused on partnering with driven, entrepreneurial-minded franchisees that are interested in sustainable multi-unit growth.

“BoConcept’s strategic transformation consolidates our successful franchise model, reducing complexity and enhancing profitability,” said Knigge. “The efforts we have made to streamline operations are already paying off, and we’re eager to see its full potential achieved through our rapid U.S. growth plans.”

With 16 U.S. locations from coast to coast, BoConcept is already building strong brand recognition among key demographic drivers. With an initial investment ranging from $450,000 to $650,000, strong unit level economics and consumer sentiment and discretionary spending on the rise, BoConcept is targeting sophisticated retail operators to expand the brand in key markets including New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Diego, Phoenix and Denver.

“BoConcept is more than a franchise,” Knigge said. “We represent a mindset for modern and sophisticated living elements. Together with strong, motivated franchise partners, the future is bright for BoConcept as we achieve our goal of becoming the true global leader in modern furniture.”