Navy Veteran Successfully Secures Loan for Wayback Burgers Franchise with BoeFly
Navy Veteran Successfully Secures Loan for Wayback Burgers Franchise with BoeFly

BoeFly's financing experts consistently enable entrepreneurs to realize their dreams of business ownership.

After serving as a submarine officer in the U.S. Navy, Darrell Gobble decided to pursue his lifelong dream of running his own business. But he didn’t want to do it completely on his own—Gobble wanted to become a part of an established brand with a built in support system. That’s why he turned to opportunities in the franchising industry, first opening up a UPS Store. His success with the business and strong entrepreneurial drive ultimately led him to pursue multi-brand ownership.

He decided to diversify his portfolio with Wayback Burgers, one of the nation’s fastest growing franchise systems. But despite his franchising experience, Gobble had trouble securing the financing he needed in order to get his new business off the ground.

“Becoming a business owner had always been a dream of mine after my military service,” said Gobble. “After owning my own The UPS Store, I was inspired to continue my passion of profitably serving my community under the flag of a leading franchise brand. Extensive research ultimately led me to select Wayback Burges. I was a bit anxious about the financing process, but luckily Wayback Burgers directed me to BoeFly.”

Gobble worked with a dedicated and professional BoeFly financing expert who guided him through the entire financing process. BoeFly’s commitment to finding the best financing option for every one of its clients introduced Gobble to a new lender, and shortly after his SBA loan was approved.

“I received great service from our BoeFly financing expert who made getting an SBA loan easy. I would recommend BoeFly to anyone who needs business financing,” Gobble said.

Business owners and franchisees consistently turn to BoeFly to help make their business goals a reality. BoeFly has helped find the right financing options for franchisees from over 600 different franchise companies.

“The BoeFly team is honored to have supported Darrel in securing the financing he needed to acquire a Wayback Burger franchise,” said Mike Rozman, CEO of BoeFly.

By building relationships with growing brands like Wayback Burgers, BoeFly will continue to provide its expert financing services to entrepreneurs looking to grow within the franchising industry. At the end of the day, franchisors know that BoeFly goes above and beyond to ensure that every one of its clients is on the right financial path.

“We’ve long been committed to supporting our new and existing franchisees,” said Bill Chemero, Executive Vice President of Wayback Burgers. “We’re proud to count BoeFly as a trusted partner through the years, and the outcome BoeFly delivered for Darrell confirms our confidence in the brand.”