New York-Based Couple Secures Startup Loan for Woody's Bar-B-Q
New York-Based Couple Secures Startup Loan for Woody's Bar-B-Q

Michael and Diane Burns both loved Woody's Bar-B-Q's authentic slow-smoked recipes, so they decided to open their own.

For nearly 30 years, Woody’s Bar-B-Q has brought some of the best smoky flavors of the South to Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Pennsylvania and Colorado. When Michael and Diane Burns had their first taste of the brand’s fall-off-the-bone, signature baby back ribs, the New York-based couple was hooked. There was only one problem: in their hometown of Middletown, the nearest location was more than four hours away. And in a move that would ultimately bring Woody’s slow-smoked recipes straight to them, Michael and Diane decided it was time to become first-time franchisees.

Back in 2014, Michael and Diane both made the decision to launch a business on their own. Their guidelines were simple: it needed to be a model that they were both passionate about, and they needed to be able to combine and utilize their varied backgrounds to make the biggest impact possible. With Diane’s 15 years of experience in high profile customer service and management, and Michael’s strong history with education and teaching, the duo had no problem deciding on their next move — Woody’s Bar-B-Q. They just needed to find out how to get started – beginning with securing financing.

“Between where we both were career wise, and realizing that we had an opportunity to expand a concept that we both loved, deciding to franchise through Woody’s Bar-B-Q seemed like a fun and natural step forward. But we quickly found out that making that initial push can be a little confusing and intimidating,” said Michael.

Worried about the long drawn out process of going bank to bank in search of a loan, Michael and Diane turned to BoeFly, an online marketplace for small business lending. Their dedicated expert simplified the entire procedure, and soon they were matched with the right startup loan that met their capital requirements.

“We were both coming into this experience as new business owners, so it was an entirely new world for us; but BoeFly gave us the resources we needed to put us in a position to open our very first Woody’s Bar-B-Q,” Diane said.

Woody’s Bar-B-Q currently has 30 locations, and they’re consistently ranked as one of the best barbecue chains in the country. Founded by Woody Mills nearly three decades ago, today the brand is best known for its authentic take on one of the South’s greatest dining traditions—hometown barbecue shacks. With a strong focus on family, Woody’s serves only the finest cuts of pork and beef. And everything they dish up is accompanied by their original, secret barbecue sauce recipe.

“At Woody’s, we’re always on the pursuit to serve our guests the freshest, highest quality food, all while providing friendly service in a hometown atmosphere,” said Woody Mills, CEO of Woodys. “For three decades we’ve taken immense pride in our commitment to tradition. We always tell our new customers that if this is their first visit, be prepared—chances are, that after one taste, there’ll be no going back to any other barbecue joint. We look forward to welcoming another new crowd of Woody’s fans in Middletown, New York.”

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