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The Brass Tap Tailors Business to Attract Non-Traditional Bar Attendees

The Brass Tap focuses on offering a new type of bar experience to stay competitive

By 1851 Staff1851 Staff Contributions
SPONSORED 12:12PM 08/21/17

Craft beer is growing in popularity, and the industries local brewers are continuing to compete with the commercial big wigs. The Brass Tap, a craft beer concept that has concentrated on serving local varities, has significantly benefited from the 10 percent growth of craft beer sales within the past five years. And while this industry is booming, The Brass Tap is paving the way as a leader by listening to the demands of regular customers.

“Since 2012, we have earned recognition by becoming experts in the craft beer industry,” said Jean Baudrand, Chief Development Officer for The Brass Tap. “Now, we’re realizing that it isn’t enough to stay competitive just through growth, we have to become a staple in the bar industry. Our goal is to make sure that the people who come to The Brass Tap realize that we are an entertainment-focused brand and leave saying that they had a great time. It’s more about giving our guests an experience and ensuring that this impression can be replicated at every location nationwide.”

Over the years, The Brass Tap has adapted its model to accommodate to the desires of customers, creating a perfect atmosphere for social gatherings. The bar is well lit and decorated in light materials to maintain an inviting look and feel, and launched a signature cocktail and wine menu to cater to guests looking for variety. The Brass Tap also created a menu with high quality, sharable food options, and offers high-top seating and a plethora of big screen televisions.

“We train our franchisees to be entertainers, not just owners,” noted Baudrand. “Over the years, our most successful franchisees have been those that brand the bar as a social gathering space. We even suggest hosting events with live music, painting lessons or trivia nights. Our target market enjoys entertainment, so it’s important that we find ways to continue bringing them in.”

People who tend to buy into the franchise are usually interested in the bar industry and also have an entrepreneurial spirit, with a desire to build a business and be their own boss. The franchise system helps ensure that the franchisees run their business smoothly so it can succeed in every market.

“There are about 5,000 breweries in the United States and of those, there are about 2,000 craft beer pubs,” said Baudrand. “It is an industry that is continuously growing and provides locals the opportunity to showcase their own beer.  At The Brass Tap, we are proud to offer an outlet for these small business owners.”

While the concept was once known solely for its wide-variety of craft beer, The Brass Tap has now become the neighborhood hot spot for live entertainment and a comfortable ambiance. Through this focus, The Brass Tap is continuously growing and evolving to create ownership opportunities in new markets nationwide.


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