Buffalo Wings & Rings Has Solid Growth Plan
Buffalo Wings & Rings Has Solid Growth Plan

Brand that inspires strong customer loyalty looks to expand.

Buffalo Wings & Rings is not letting up on its mission to spread delicious food served up in a great, family-friendly environment to locations around the world.

Philip Schram, the chief development officer at Buffalo Wings & Rings, says the company has a solid vision plan for now, five years from now and 10 years from now.

“That vision is important because it fits well with the life cycle of the business,” Schram said. “When you look at the great brands that have been with us for a long time, I must tip my cap to them to be able to last that long. We will be one of those brands.”

Schram says the company has dedicated time and money to look five years out and has the team in place to grow exponentially.

“You need to find the right people who share your vision. They understand what will become mainstream before it does. We have several people in the company who have this understanding. They are positioning us for greatness.”

The brand, which has restaurants around the world, has a total unit count of 60 and is poised for great growth to finish out the year and propel it into next year.

“We will have 66 to 67 units by the end of the year,” Schram said. “By the end of next year, we hope to be at 80.”

The brand is in 12 states right now and wants to lock up those states with the BW&R goodness. The Midwest and Florida already know about the BW&R family-friendly environment where they can kick back and watch the big game with some delicious food and drinks. The brand will spread from there.

The best way the company can grow is through pleased patrons. Schram says BWR likes to crow about its very high customer-loyalty ranking.

“We are very proud of that,” he said. “But there’s still much to do. We must improve the guest experience. Speed of service is a big topic of conversation around here. We work with each restaurant based on the feedback we get from our loyal fan base. Our franchise owners are willing to do whatever it takes to keep customers coming back.”

Schram notes that the BW&R food is “cravable. People get addicted to our delicious food. That’s how you create customer satisfaction.”

As part of it commitment to great food, BW&R is featuring a special Limited Time Only menu as the football season kicks into high gear. Diane Matheson, marketing director for BW&R, said the exciting flavor profile is perfect for football weather and pigskin fans.

“We look for things that fit the brand, but that also delight our guests with unexpected options,” she said. “Another goal of LTOs is to help us understand what kind of menu changes to make based on guest response. We see LTOs as a great way to grow the business and began our LTO program this year. We are working to develop a regular LTO calendar and determine what the optimal level of activity is for BW&R.”

And if fans are in a hurry and need to take yummy wings to the game, carryout is available with the complete tailgating packs, she noted.

Eight new items are tackling taste buds, including new curry wings, various elevated takes on the chicken sandwich, a potato dish that is made fresh and hand-rolled in house and a limited time cocktail to enjoy during game time. Buffalo Wings & Rings guests can expect a menu that will make them feel like they’re enjoying the action while dining in the club level.

“Innovation and bold flavor are the elements that drive our culinary playbook at Buffalo Wings & Rings,” said Nader Masadeh, president and CEO of Buffalo Wings & Rings. “Football means friends and family, and you’ll be sure to enjoy each down with our incredibly unique takes on some familiar game time favorites.”