Restaurant Business Online: What is the secret to your chain's success?
Restaurant Business Online: What is the secret to your chain's success?

Nader Masadeh, president and CEO of Buffalo Wings & Rings, gives insight into the brand's success.

Maintaining success and growth in the restaurant business is no easy feat, and it’s even tougher in the competitive franchise industry. Many brands have come out of the gate hot and fizzled. Restaurant Business recently released its prediction of the 50 next hot brands with its “Future 50” list, but checked in with the leaders of brands that landed on the list in previous years and have been able to build upon their initial buzz and success.

Buffalo Wings & Rings landed on the "Future 50” list in 2008, and since then has grown to 60 units based on fresh and elevated strategic direction charted by the new leadership team led by CEO Nader Masadeh.

Masadeh pointed to the importance of investing time in new business owners in an interview with Restaurant Business, saying, “When we opened our first store in 2005, we were too small and unknown to interest restaurant-industry veterans in franchising. So we turned our attention to people who didn't have any restaurant experience but wanted to own a business. They were very green ... it took a lot more hand-holding and training to get them up to speed. But several of these franchisees now are on their third or fourth stores and have been instrumental in our growth.”

Leaders of brands including Pita Pit, Five Guys Burger & Fries, and Pollo Campero also weighed in on the strategy behind their continued success.

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