Cannabis Drives Beverage Innovation for 2019
Cannabis Drives Beverage Innovation for 2019

Anticipating legalization, some companies are turning toward a cannabis-inspired approach to beverages.

As cultural acceptance of cannabis grows in the U.S. and Canada, legalization of marijuana looms as an ever likelier prospect. According to an article in Smartbrief, some brands hoping to be first to market are starting to consider cannabis-infused beverages.

“Among the biggest investments into the cannabis beverage industry was Constellation Brands’ $4 billion investment in Canopy Growth Corp., which is expected to take effect this fall,” according to the article. Molson Coors “is also working on a portfolio of cannabis-infused beverages in preparation for Canada’s legalization. The firm known for its beer offerings projects that the cannabis drinks industry could hit $3 billion in Canada,” the article said.

Some products containing cannabis have already hit the global market, the article said, including “Winabis, which combines cannabis (without the THC) with wine.” Rebel Coast in California sells a “cannabis-infused wine” with no alcohol, and “Blue Moon Belgian Wheat founder Keith Villa is creating a nonalcoholic beer that includes five milligrams of THC as part of his new venture, CERIA Brewing,” the article said.

Some companies that haven’t yet taken the plunge into more heady offerings are still open to considering the move: “Anheuser-Busch InBev has invested $50 million as part of a partnership with medical cannabis firm Tilray to study cannabidiol- and THC-infused nonalcoholic drinks,” according to the article.

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