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Fast Casual: 3 Ways Restaurateurs Can Combat Inflation

CapitalSpring's Erik Herrmann offers restaurant operators some suggestions on keeping customers satisfied while still driving profit.

By Chris IrbyCopy Editor
SPONSORED 8:08AM 07/09/24

Inflation is causing food prices to rise and restaurants are responding by raising their menu prices. According to a recent study, most fast-food restaurants have raised prices by an average of 60% during the past decade, with the majority of the increase happening in the last five years. This inflationary pressure is causing concern among consumers, who are experiencing a strain on their wallets. 

In a recent Fast Casual articleErik Herrmann, partner at CapitalSpring and head of its investment group, offers three strategies for restaurant operators who are looking to combat the impacts of inflation while maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Enhance Value Beyond Pricing

Restaurant guests are always looking for a good deal in terms of price and quality. If reducing prices isn't an option, then restaurant owners need to find another way to add value.

"It's all about providing exceptional service and creating an experience that truly stands out," Herrmann said. "Developing an interesting, limited-time offer or menu item that guests can't get elsewhere is a time-tested way to generate traffic."

Communicate Better

Although most restaurant patrons understand that price increases are inevitable, the way that news is conveyed to them can make all the difference. To earn the trust of their customers, restaurant operators need to implement their changes quietly and in a way that's mindful of guests' perceptions.

"Earning our patrons' trust stems from our commitment to managing costs wisely," Herrmann said. "When we make any necessary price adjustments with this careful approach, our guests are more understanding."

Leverage Technology for Efficiency

Restaurant operators can keep their offerings attractively priced by using technology to manage and reduce operational costs. Every technological leap provides more options to streamline operations and cut expenses.

"Finding efficiencies through advancements like voice artificial intelligence in drive-thrus or self-service ordering kiosks, for example, may significantly ease the pressure on our costs," Herrmann said. "This not only benefits us but our customers as well as it makes their dining experience better and more affordable."

Coming Out Stronger

Inflation can be a difficult obstacle for restaurateurs, but emphasizing what makes an establishment special, optimizing prices and taking advantage of the latest and greatest tools can help them stay ahead of the curve.

"It's all about being nimble and tough, ready to adapt and come out stronger," Herrmann said, "no matter what the industry throws at us."

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