Comprehensive Training and Strong Apprenticeship Program Sets Christian Brothers Automotive Technicians Up for Success
Comprehensive Training and Strong Apprenticeship Program Sets Christian Brothers Automotive Technicians Up for Success

The leading automotive brand provides its technicians with an established career path.

The automotive industry has a growing crisis on its hands: there aren’t enough technicians to go around. But because fewer people are learning the tools of the trade, the door is open for new auto mechanics to break into the industry and fill the growing gap. Christian Brothers Automotive, the leading automotive franchise, is helping those new technicians reach their full potential.

“The technician shortage comes down to the fact that people don’t know that this is a viable career option. Imagine yourself as a parent and having your 18-year-old tell you they want to be a mechanic—odds are, you’re going to encourage them to go to a traditional four-year college instead,” said David Acosta, a technician recruiter for Christian Brothers Automotive. “But being an automotive technician can be a very rewarding career for people with the right skills and drive to succeed. We have several technicians in our franchise system earning six figures a year.”

In order to help its technicians reach that level of success, Christian Brothers Automotive has an established career path in place. It starts with an apprenticeship program—the brand guides its new employees through two years of comprehensive training. Throughout this period, apprentices are paired with a mentor who shows them the ropes. The brand also financially backs the process its employees need to go through in order to become certified.

After their apprenticeship, technicians have the opportunity to become an ambassador. Ambassadors are leaders in their field who regularly visit Christian Brothers’ headquarters in Houston, where they go through training programs to keep up with the latest in automotive technology. They then return to their local auto shops and share that information with the rest of their team. The brand is also in the process of developing a foreman position for the senior technicians in its shops.

“Being a technician isn’t an easy job, especially in today’s tech-driven world. There’s a lot that goes into knowing how to work on every single make and model that comes in for a service,” said Matt Miller, a technician recruiter for Christian Brothers Automotive. “That’s why we have a set program in place for new mechanics who enter our system. Even if they have very little knowledge of the industry, it’s our job to put them on the right path.”

Supporting its technicians is a top priority for Christian Brothers Automotive. The brand is even throwing around the idea of launching its own training school. But in the meantime, Christian Brothers will continue to develop its extensive training program to make its technicians the best in the industry.

“We want people to know that this job exists and that it provides multiple opportunities for personal and professional growth,” said Miler. “At the end of the day, our main goal is to make sure that all of our technicians have a very bright future ahead of them.”