Goose Creek Gazette: Veteran Signs on as Christian Brothers Automotive
Goose Creek Gazette: Veteran Signs on as Christian Brothers Automotive

Brand's success rate attracted former Marine to sign on to open a Goose Creek shop.

After spending years as a production manager, former Marine Chris Hamlin opted to find a more lucrative position to support his growing family. Opportunity is what drove him to join the growing automotive industry and one of its most successful franchise opportunities - Christian Brothers Automotive. Of the 155 stores in 22 states, not a single store has failed.

Aside from their sterling success rate, the company also prides itself on improving the overall reputation of automotive repair as being untrustworthy, something Hamlin has experienced numerous times.

“This industry has got a reputation…its really easy to get taken advantage of,” Hamlin said in an interview with the Goose Creek Gazette. “Most people don’t know a whole lot of what goes on inside their car…I have walked away going I just got taken advantaged of.”

Hamlin ensures that his Christian Brothers Automotive will offer full transparency and an inviting atmosphere to ensure superior customer service remains the primary focus.

“We work very hard not only to take care of people, but to educate them,” Hamlin said to reporter Rickey Ciapha Dennis Jr.

Overall feedback from the community has been encouraging, with the support of the mayor and heavy traffic flow within its first week in business.

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