How a Unique, Blended Approach to Marketing Makes Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place Stand Out
How a Unique, Blended Approach to Marketing Makes Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place Stand Out

The growing franchise brand utilizes both new and old school marketing tactics to successfully scale its concept.

For over 30 years, Closet & Storage Concepts has solidified its position as a leading force in the home services segment of the franchising industry. And that positive reputation is only continuing to grow—since acquiring More Space Place and adding Murphy wall beds to its extensive list of space-saving home furnishings, the brand has consistently experienced growth. Backed by this level of success, it’s clear that Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place has created a strong business model that’s working for its network of franchisees. A large portion of that business plan lies within its marketing strategy and initiatives.

When it comes to that marketing strategy, Bob Lewis, Closet & Storage Concepts’ founder and CEO, notes that its strength lies in its ability to cater to today’s digital-centric world. He said, “Most of our marketing strategy is digital. We’re also always working to enhance our organic presence in communities across the country.” To achieve that level of heightened visibility, Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place builds its organic presence by pushing its audience to its website, utilizing pay-per-click campaigns.

Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place also utilizes social media to increase its brand awareness. But instead of social media advertising, the brand relies on frequent postings in order to increase awareness. Lewis said, “We’re focused on engaging potential millennial customers in the most efficient and effective ways. We’re seeing a lot of activity through social media—especially Facebook—and we plan to continue enhancing our digital presence going forward. We keep an extremely close eye on our ROI, just like many other brands. We have been growing at a consistent rate while using new school marketing tactics that allow our brand to target necessary audiences.”

The audience that Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place aims to reach is split into a few different groups: retail consumers, industry experts and new franchisees. However, the majority of Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place’s marketing initiatives target retail consumers, which also fall into specific demographics that are then targeted by the brand’s marketing strategies.

“We aim for our concept to appeal across the age board, but the majority of people using our brand and services are above 21 years old, own their home, are college educated and make above the average income,” said Lewis. To reach this target audience, Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place taps into the power of extremely targeted social media campaigns.

In addition to the brand’s ongoing digital marketing initiatives, Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place also pushes its franchisees to market themselves using traditional, in-person networking. Karen Bradbury, a successful Closet & Storage Concepts franchisee in Norwalk, Connecticut, said, “One of the things that this franchise really promotes is the networking aspect. A big part of our business is building relationships with other industry professionals, from builders and designers to home stagers and realtors, and becoming involved in organizations that will result in repeat business.”

Like other franchises, Closet & Storage Concepts/More Space Place implements a percentage of its corporate marketing efforts to recruit new franchisees. Although the brand doesn’t spend much of its budget on this cause, Lewis says, “We focus on recruitment campaigns and networking to attract prospective franchisees. The ideal franchise candidates for our brand will have a background in sales and sales management. Because of that, we draw from a large pool of would-be entrepreneurs. That’s why our unique, blended approach to marketing allows us to dial in to great prospects, ultimately putting us in a great position to experience consistent growth.”