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Randolph Reporter: Lightbridge Academy Sees Growing Demand, Potential in Randolph
Childcare concept sets sights on expansion.

Lightbridge Academy has expressed interest in expanding to Randolph.

David Falzarano, Lightbridge Academy vice president of area development, said that he sees Randolph as a prime location to open another of his company’s childcare centers.

“We are identifying markets all around the Route 80, Route 10 corridor,” Falzarano said. “Randolph kind of falls into the map perfectly where we know some of our competition is already in the market and doing pretty well. Our internal research is showing us that Randolph can support an additional, and even more than one probably, demand for childcare purposes.”

After 20 years, the business has expanded to 25 locations mainly based in New Jersey, though the company has expanded into Long Island, Pennsylvania and Virginia Beach.

“Now the growth is happening in which we are starting to realize there’s only a few small pockets left in the landscape of New Jersey’s map for us to fit and Randolph is one of those communities,” Falzarano said.

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