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Fast Casual: Millennials Love Burger Discounts, Gen X Favors Mexican Fare Price Cuts
National consumer report reveals new take-out dining and technology trends.

New take-out dining habits have been discovered through a national consumer report. According to a recent Fast Casual article, 53 percent of consumers surveyed have at least one food mobile app on their phones and 72 percent would rather go eat at a restaurant than order take-out.

"When choosing a restaurant, customers are faced with many choices, and a promotion or discount can help diners decide where to eat." Said Marissa Tarleton, CMO of RetailMeNot. "We know customers are using their mobile devices to search, review, and rate their experience while dining out. It's important for restaurant marketers to reach these consumers on their mobile devices in the moments they are planning where to dine."

The RetailMeNot survey also revealed preferences when it comes to discounts. Gen Xers prefer a Mexican fare discount, while millennials would rather enjoy a burger price cut. In addition, one in three restaurant goers will check out potential discounts before they decide where to dine.

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