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The Morning Sun: Pita Pit Opens Newest Location in Mt. Pleasant
Franchisee Mike Conley elaborates on his path from working at Pita Pit as a student to becoming a franchisee

Mike Conley first came to Mt. Pleasant to study at Central Michigan University, but he diverted his path once he began working for Pita Pit as a student.

At 20-years old, Conley became a delivery driver at the town's Pita Pit. Today, at 30, Conley has a decade of experience as a Pita Pit employee, general manager, and now, finally, owner. 

“I knew I was ready to take that next step,” Conley told The Morning Sun. "When I was ready to leave my manager position and buy a franchise, there was really no other option. This is one of those towns that you can just fall in love with. This was my store and this was where my Pita Pit journey began.”

You can view the entire article here.