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VentureBeat: Instagram Gives Brands and Celebrities Up to 400% More Engagement Than Facebook
Brands fare poorly on Facebook but excel on Instagram when it comes to engagement according to new research.

The latest research from Socialbakers has revealed interesting results about the difference between interactions on Facebook and Instagram. According to a recent VentureBeat article, after looking at 144 billion engagements on the platforms, significant differences were found in participation rates for brands, celebrities, media, entertainment and community accounts.

As no surprise, Facebook content and interaction is news-heavy, with media accounts receiving the most interaction. A more surprising result reported was that brands see very little engagement on Facebook, between 10 and 12 times worse than media focused accounts.

On the other hand, Instagram showed very different results with media accounts coming in last for engagements on the platform. Celebrities take first place by far, while brands also do much better with four times the engagement they are getting on Facebook.

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