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Fast Casual: Shake Shack debuts Android ordering app
The brand is building off strong momentum from its iOS app that contributed to three percent of total sales.

Android users have a reason to celebrate. According to an article in Fast Casual, the fan favorite burger chain is debuting its popular mobile ordering app on a new set of devices with the help of digital ordering provider Olo and Fuzz, a mobile product agency.

The Shack App has already proven itself to be successful on iOS devices—it saw 350,000 downloads. And after promotions that included a free burger for downloading the app, Shake Shack’s mobile ordering platform contributed to three percent of the brand’s total sales.

In a press release, Shake Shack CEO Randy Garutti said, “We created the Shack App to make the Shake Shack experience even more convenient, allowing our guests to cut the line and get their Shack on their own terms.”

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