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Fast Casual: NRA Urges Supreme Court to Reverse Labor Department’s ‘Anti-Tip-Pooling’ Policy
The National Restaurant Association filed a supplemental brief with the Supreme Court this week.

The Labor Department’s regulation barring tip pools is getting more pushback from the NRA. According to a recent Fast Casual article, the organization’s Restaurant Law Center filed a supplemental brief with the Supreme Court in the National Restaurant Association et al. v. U.S. Department of Labor, et al. case on Wednesday.

The NRA has decided to make the challenge against the Ninth Circuit Court's 2011 decision citing a June 30 decision by the Tenth Circuit giving foodservice employers in that court's six states more freedom on tip-pooling and retention schemes.

"The law here is clear: employees who earn above minimum wage should be able to share their tips with fellow employees, no matter where they work," said Angelo Amador executive director of Restaurant Law Center in a press release issued early this year. "The Department of Labor cannot continue to trample on the rights of restaurant workers."

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