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QSR Magazine: 12 Mobile Food Trends for the Future
The food-truck industry is constantly evolving and will be taking on new trends in the near future.

Currently, food trucks bring in over $1.2 billion dollars each year across the nation. According to a recent article in QSR Magazine, the food-truck industry is constantly changing and will be taking on about a dozen trends in the near future.

Food trucks are expected to become more common at private events, boast increasingly unconventional menu items and are even becoming test concepts for potential restaurants to test out different locations. This is done in order to give owners the chance to see where their restaurant is most likely to thrive.

The industry is still maturing and adopting different technological channels for promotion. Currently, Snapchat and Instagram are popular for letting consumers know their locations, but it wasn't long ago that Facebook and Twitter were the go-to channels.

Read the full article here.