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TODAY: McDonald’s Is Testing a Vegan Burger, but There’s a Catch
The new burger is only available in Finland.

McDonald’s is rolling out a new menu item that’s designed to attract vegan consumers—The McVegan. But according to TODAY, American fans who want to try the burger will have to book a flight overseas. Right now, the McVegan is only being tested in one location in Tampere, Finland.

The McVegan is made up of a soy-based patty and comes with all of the vegan fixings that McDonald’s has to offer. There’s no word on whether or not the McVegan will be coming to the U.S.—TODAY notes that the brand confirmed via email that it’s limited to McDonald’s Finland and there are no current plans to change that.

Right now, the McVegan is slated to be on Finland’s menu from October 4 through November 21.

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