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QSR Magazine: In-N-Out Burger is Headed to Colorado
The brand is developing plans for a production and distribution center in Colorado Springs.

In-N-Out Burger is looking to expand in the west. According to a recent article in QSR Magazine, the brand is in the process of developing plans for a production center in Colorado Springs that will support future restaurants in the state.

“Because we are still in the early development phase, we don’t yet have a timeline for the construction of either our support facilities or future restaurants. However, the steps we are taking now represent the first of many on the road to serving customers in Colorado," said VP of development, Carl Arena.

According to the article, In-N-Out may buy a 22-acre site in North Colorado Springs. This space would either serve as the location for a future restaurant or the area's production and distribution center. The center would be able to support up to 50 restaurants within a 350-mile radius.

Read the full article here.