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QSR Magazine: Pizza Hut is Now Delivering Beer. Wine Coming Soon
The brand is planning for rollout early next year.

Pizza Hut has been focused on the delivery experience for quite some time. According to a recent article in QSR Magazine, the brand's latest effort to improve this process will be to offer the delivery of beer and eventually wine to customers. 

“We’re really uniquely positioned to be able to offer this service because many of our restaurants already serve beer and wine. We were fortunate to have a system that would make it that easy, and really allow us to offer consumers oven-hot pizza and cold beer," said director of brand marketing, Stacy Lynn Bourgeois.

The first location to experience this new ordering option will be Phoenix, Arizona. Customers will soon be able to order a six pack of beer along with their order while wine is expected to be added as an option in January.

While a date has not been set for national rollout, the brand is planning for early next year. The drinks will also be available to be added on to phone orders and carryout.

Read the full article here.