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Fast Casual: Study Finds Fast Casual Customers Want More Digital Ordering Opportunities
Whether through a restaurant’s website or mobile app, customers are looking for digital ordering from brands.

More customers are demanding digital ordering from fast-casual brands. According to a recent Fast Casual article and the 2017 Online and Mobile Ordering Index, nearly two-thirds of customers plan to order through online channels in the coming year.

The Index polled customers to see which ordering strategies would best serve restaurants looking to grow their sales. The results showed that 58 percent of customers had ordered a meal through a brand’s website or mobile app in the last 12 months and 92 percent of people also preferred online ordering for a group or family order.

Despite the fact that storage issues continue to bug mobile users, the study found that one in ten apps on a customer’s phone is a restaurant app, showing their willingness to order via mobile app.

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