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Fox Business: Red Robin eliminates bus boys as restaurants combat minimum wage hikes
1851 Franchise publisher Nick Powills weighs in on the business advantages behind Red Robin's decision.

With minimum wage increases taking hold in many states to start the new year, Red Robin recently announced they will be cutting the busboy position from their restaurants. FOXbusiness.com reporter Brittany De Lea spoke with 1851Franchise.com Editor-in-Chief Nick Powills about his take on Red Robin's decision and what the effects of higher wages will be on the industry.

Said Powills to FOX Business, “From a business standpoint, [Red Robin made a] very smart move. From an employee standpoint, you just cut out $8 million worth of labor. The interesting thing about the minimum wage hike is that those that made the decisions to do it, did it on behalf of the employee … when intentions are good, and you can’t appease everybody, someone is going to eventually be on the short [end of the] stick.”

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