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Business Insider: Chipotle Closes Burger Concept, Tasty Made
Business Insider: Chipotle Closes Burger Concept, Tasty Made
Trying to branch out from burritos proved to be a mistake for the Mexican fast-casual chain.

After less than two years in business, Chipotle has had to close its only Tasty Made location, according to a recent Business Insider article. The better-burger concept opened in October 2016 in Lancaster, Ohio and the company has not specified if it will open in any other locations.

"While we liked the concept and the delicious food at Tasty Made, the economics were not what we wanted them to be in Lancaster, Ohio, so we have decided to close that restaurant," said Chipotle representative Chris Arnold.

The brand had previously closed a non-burrito concept, ShopHouse Kitchen, a Southeast Asian chain that at one point had 15 locations. Now, Pizzeria Locale is the only existing non-burrito chain open from Chipotle.

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