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CNBC: The Clock is Winding Down for Retailers as Critical Shopping Weekend Looms
After Wednesday’s reports of disappointing November sales, retailers are hoping this weekend provides a final boost.

“Super Saturday” this month is critical, reports CNBC. The retail industry hopes that last-minute holiday shopping and an increase demand for winter gear due to freezing temps leads to a boost in sales as November comes to a close.

Reports on Wednesday proved that retail sales were not as high this month as many had hoped. Some attributed this to major sales, but many agree that retailers have been forced to implement such sales in order to entice shoppers.

"It's a vicious cycle and it feels like a race to the bottom, but what else are they left to do?" said Ken Perkins, president of Retail Metrics. “"They've really got to have a good day because the traffic levels have been pretty anemic. It's going to be difficult to make up [for a soft November]... but a strong weekend would go a long way toward salvaging the holiday season."

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