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Orlando Business Journal: Smoothie King Plans Growth in Central Florida
After taking off with its Orlando Airport location, the brand hopes to open twelve more units in the area.

Smoothie King has recently planned to put a store within each of Orlando's International Airport terminals, as well, an additional 12 locations within the Central Florida market, Smoothie King Franchise Development Manager, Chris Elam said.

According to the Orlando Business Journal, the company was founded in 1973 and has since grown to more than 730 locations in 33 states, the Cayman Islands, Singapore and South Korea.

"I believe that airports will work exceptionally well with our brand and concept," Elam said. "Sometimes smoothies are seen as replacements for meals and a convenient option for the airport."

Although not every one of the 12 locations have been identified specifically, Elam said that the company is open to occupying existing buildings or spaces for the build-out of Smoothie King's new locations. The average size of each location is about 800-1,200 square feet; however, they are effective in as small a space as 400 square feet.

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