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Dunkin's Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwich Is Going National

The Beyond Sausage, egg and cheese muffin has been the No. 2 selling sandwich in the Manhattan test market.

Wake up and smell the plant-based sausage! After testing in Manhattan markets, Dunkin’ is taking its new vegetarian-friendly Beyond Meat breakfast sandwich national much earlier than anticipated. According to CNBC, sales were double that of Dunkin’s predictions, and consumers were purchasing the craveable creation at all hours, even after the morning rush. The sandwich was slated to be released nationally in January of 2020, but Dunkin’ is pushing that date up to November 6.

Beyond Meat is taking over the QSR scene, making both cameos on and permanent additions to menus at Del Taco, Tim Hortons, A&W, Subway, McDonald’s and KFC. The brand’s biggest rival in the plant-based meat game—Impossible Foods—can be found at Burger King, White Castle, Qdoba, and Little Caesars, among others. It can be a lot to keep score of which QSR chains have enthusiastically adopted or have plans to incorporate plant-based meats, which ones have skillfully dodged commitment, and those that have flat-out dismissed the trend

While the nationwide rollout is exciting for flexitarians everywhere, it isn’t a sure thing that the sandwich will remain on menus. Last month, CBC reported that Tim Hortons—the first QSR to also enter the realm of plant-based egg substitutes—pulled its very similar Beyond Meats breakfast sandwich from every market outside of British Columbia., Ontario. 

While this meat-free trend is currently booming in the foodservice and restaurant industries, it doesn’t seem to be impacting the overall consumption of meat. According to Fortune, meat consumption is globally higher than ever, rising by 8% since 2013. That said,  The New York Times reported last week that big meat companies including Tyson, Smithfield, Perdue and Hormel are all getting in on the game, manufacturing plant-based meat alternatives. 

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