Eater: You Wear What You Eat
Eater: You Wear What You Eat

Brands are creating merchandise in order to create more raving fans

Branded clothing in foodservice is no longer is represented by old diner shirts and old hats that highlight your local bar. According to Eater, chefs, restaurants and brand are now teaming up with luxury fashion brands in order to create high-quality, limited time apparel in order for fans to be able to rep the brands they love. 

“It’s not advertising that’s interruptive — we’re just sharing something,” says Steve Kelly, director of media and digital for KFC U.S., of the brand’s recent fashion line, noting that the collection got people excited to wear the brand like a “bunch of walking billboards.”

Much of the clothing and merchandise being designed by brands reflects millennial ironic humor such as KFC's simple "Chicken, Potatoes, Biscuits & Bacon" shirt.

The new trend allows brands to capitalize in three different silos, creating a new revenue stream, fresh publicity and creating walking billboards for your brand. 

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Photo courtesy of Eater.