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Strong Customer Relationships Continue to Fuel ecomaids’ Growth as the Brand Aims to Bring Green Cleaning to Homes Nationwide

By establishing positive and personal relationships with its clients from the get-go, ecomaids is ensuring that it stays steps ahead of the competition.

By Cassidy McAloonSenior Writer
SPONSORED 11:11AM 12/11/19

It’s rare for cleaning companies to create a strong relationship with the people that they serve. But at ecomaids, that personal connection has become the norm. The original eco-friendly cleaning maid service is well on its way to becoming an integral part of communities across the nation with the customer-centric services that have become its signature—solidifying its position as both an industry and local leader.

For ecomaids, going above and beyond to ensure its clients receive the best possible service begins and ends with the brand's commitment to being environmentally conscious—all of ecomaids’ cleaning products are non-toxic and are designed to be safe for the whole family. 

When it comes to customer satisfaction, ecomaids CEO Lindsay Dellasega can attest to the importance of the brand's green-friendly approach better than most, considering she began as her career with ecomaids as a franchisee before taking on the role of leading the brand. According to Dellasega, ecomaids’ environmental consciousness plays a big role in generating repeat business on the local level.

“People are always looking for businesses they can feel good about investing in, and ecomaids delivers that through its environmentally conscious mission," Dellasega said. "I've had so many customers tell me they chose ecomaids over other cleaning companies out there because of our commitment to using eco-friendly products that are free from harsh chemicals. It's a crucial differentiator for us in a world that's growing more health-conscious by the day, and is helping us to consistently exceed customer expectations."

But it isn’t just ecomaids’ green approach to cleaning that makes it stand out—it's the emphasis on personal connections. The brand runs its business in a way that makes customers want to come back. ecomaids sends teams of maids to clean people’s homes, for example, to speed up the process and make sure that quality remains top of mind. The brand also employs the best of the best in the business and insures and bonds all of its staff members, providing a level of security that’s otherwise missing.

“Another thing customers frequently told me they loved about ecomaids was the fact that we send an entire team of cleaners to their homes," Dellasega said. "A job that would take one person about five or six hours to complete takes ecomaids' staff two to three hours, without sacrificing any quality. Customers also appreciate that ecomaids is a local small business—there’s a personal connection there that’s missing from other cleaning services. They trust us to provide the best possible service.”

That attention to detail and customer service isn’t random—it’s entirely by design. Because a lot of cleaning services and individuals pick up business through websites or apps, a personal element has been lost from the process. But ecomaids, which functions as a locally owned and operated business, brings a level of knowledge and expertise about the community to the table when cleaning people’s homes. And as the brand continues to expand its reach, it’s planning to continue emphasizing positive customer experiences.

“As is the case with all of our brands, we’re ultimately in business to help clients find more time in their days to do the things that matter most to them," said Scott Frith, CEO of ecomaids' parent company, Happinest. "We take great pride in establishing strong relationships with the people who entrust us to clean their homes, and it’s also a responsibility that we don’t take lightly. As we continue to grow and tap into the climbing demand for our services, we’re looking forward to working with even more customers to help them take their commitment to green cleaning—and living—to the next level.”

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