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Elite Window Cleaning Welcomes Four Empire Builders to System in Preparation for 2024 Growth

After shaping its ideal franchisee avatar, the window cleaning franchise expanded in Calgary and Brampton and set the stage for healthy, exponential growth in 2024.

By Morgan Wood1851 Franchise Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 3:15PM 01/29/24

Professional window cleaning services are in high demand in Canada, and Elite Window Cleaning, the emerging window cleaning franchise that leverages technology and flexibility to provide a fresh take on the industry, is preparing to take over the market. This year, it made meaningful progress in establishing its new avatar of the ideal franchisee, and as it relaunched a refreshed version of the brand, powered by its partnership with Happinest Brands, it also welcomed two pairs of franchisees that fit the bill perfectly.

“In 2023, we had the opportunity to spend a year really refining things and getting everything ready for the launch of the Happinest or post-acquisition version of the brand,” explained Chris Stoness, founder and CEO of Elite Window Cleaning. “We had a lot of opportunities early in the year to bring in franchise partners, but we wanted to be extremely clear on the type of person we wanted to partner with, so we delayed awarding any franchises until Q4 and got really clear on our avatar, which we call the Empire Builder.”

Elite Window Cleaning has proven its ability to support entrepreneurs in building an empire when they follow the systems and bring their own drive to succeed. Because of the potential that exists in the Canadian window cleaning market, Elite Window Cleaning is focused on partnering with Empire Builders who will grow to be key players in the market.

“We’re looking for people who want to grow a large, meaningful business — something bigger than the perception of the local window cleaning business,” added Stoness. “We want somebody who wants to grow a seven-figure business, have multiple trucks on the road and really capture that disproportionate market share in their territory.”

In the earlier part of the year, the team focused on honing its communications to target the right type of prospective franchisees and ensure any outward-facing materials highlighted the aspects of the business that are so appealing to these types of entrepreneurs. This positioned the brand well to achieve meaningful growth toward the end of the year that will allow the system to continue to expand healthily in the coming years.

“We spent the time we did at the start of the year to make sure we bring in the right kind of people, and we managed to find two incredible sets of owners — one in North Calgary and one in Brampton/Mississauga,” explained Stoness. “We’re in really good shape with understanding how to speak the language of the franchisees we want to work with, as well as what we need to deliver to them as the franchisor.”

Two Pairs of New Franchisees Will Launch Four New Territories

Stoness shared that both sets of franchisees bring unique backgrounds and a clear drive to grow an empire with Elite Window Cleaning. The Brampton/Mississauga franchisees are both data scientists with a deep understanding of how data can tell the story of a business. After evaluating over 50 concepts, the pair decided on Elite Window Cleaning, affirming the value that the franchisor provides its owners through its ongoing data collection and analysis.

The North Calgary franchisees bring education and design backgrounds. While they both achieved high levels of success in their previous careers, they were missing the “entrepreneurial spark” in their day jobs and decided to pursue a new adventure. 

“Even though the backgrounds in Calgary and Brampton are very different, the commonality is the vision that these people are casting,” explained Stoness. “It’s very clear to them, and they’re able to communicate it to us. Some franchisees will come to discovery days unsure of what ‘a big business’ really means to them, and the Empire Builders are very clear on where they want to go, how they want to get there and how we can be the vehicle for their future success.”

With four territories currently gearing up to launch, Elite Window Cleaning is looking forward to another productive year in 2024.

Elite Window Cleaning Aims to Welcome Multiple New Owners to the System in 2024

After solidifying its franchisee avatar and communications in 2023, Elite Window Cleaning has laid the groundwork to welcome multiple new franchisees who will drive expansive growth.

Elite Window Cleaning’s services can be marketed to residential, commercial and institutional customers, meaning that franchisees have access to a remarkable number of potential customers in each territory.

While the brand’s primary services focus on window cleaning, house washing and gutter cleaning, it did pilot a holiday lighting service this year to support franchisees in further extending their “on seasons,” especially in northern markets.

“We’ll be rolling that service line out system-wide this year, so that’s pretty exciting,” added Stoness.

All of these developments have been crucial to leveling up the Elite Window Cleaning model, preparing it for an even stronger year as it works to nearly double the size of its system. As it expands, Stoness said the team is focused primarily on the Greater Toronto Area and communities around Vancouver.

“We have incredible territory that’s going quickly around the GTA; our expectation is that, within this year, we will have pretty much sold out the GTA,” he said. “We also have territory in and around Vancouver that’s starting to move pretty quickly.”

With multi-million population counts in both the GTA and the Vancouver metro, the markets offer prime territories for Empire Builders looking to launch and scale a successful window cleaning business and will be key steps as Elite Window Cleaning pursues an exponential growth trajectory.

“This is the year that the Elite Window Cleaning franchise system really shows what it can do,” said Stoness. “We’re going to bring the model to owners, we’re going to deliver very quickly on their expectations and we’re going to hold those owners to our expectations. When the table is set with all of that, we’re prepared to have a really big year for our system. I’m super optimistic about what’s to come in 2024.”

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