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Elite Window Cleaning Hosts 2024 Annual Kick-Off Conference, Growth in 2024 Sparking New Wave of Expansion

The conference, which saw 100% attendance among EWC franchisees, not only celebrated past achievements but also served as a place for owners to share best practices, collaborate and foster meaningful relationships.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 4:16PM 04/16/24

Elite Window Cleaning, a leading window cleaning franchise under the Happinest Brands umbrella, recently culminated its 2024 Annual Franchisee Conference in Toronto. The event was designed to be a collaborative space for franchise owners to share strategies and address challenges together, emphasizing the company's commitment to its franchisee's success and the collective advancement of the brand.

"This year, we saw 100% attendance — every franchise owner made it to the conference — which was amazing," said Chris Stoness, CEO and Founder of Elite Window Cleaning. “We do a lot of work beforehand to ensure everyone is ready and has the right mindset. We go over proposed topics, gather feedback from the franchisees and come to the table prepared. So, everyone came to the conference with their minds and hearts open, ready to learn and grow together.”

The conference kicked off with a celebration of the victories of the past year, including the company's growth, unit level economics, marketing successes and the welcoming of new franchisees into the system. This initial momentum set the stage for in-depth discussions about strategic objectives for the coming year, focusing on profitability, customer value and driving more value into the system. 

“Our conferences may be a little different than the norm — we aren’t just passing down information to the franchisees,” said Stoness. “It's all very collaborative. We have round table discussions, peer-to-peer groups and even off-site events like lawn bowling. What we saw was owners sharing best practices with other owners. We were just guiding the conversation as the franchisor. What can we do together?”

Highlighting the importance of personal development and skill enhancement, the conference featured a keynote speech by celebrated author and business consultant Victor Antonio, who conducted a two-hour deep-dive session on sales, tailored specifically to the needs and challenges faced by Elite Window Cleaning franchisees. 

The conference also featured a session on enterprise value, long-term plans and exit strategies that was led by Sharon Cupach, a professional with 25 years of franchising experience who currently serves as vice president of franchise development for Happinest. 

Overall, Stoness says the primary takeaway of the conference was the power of teamwork in franchising. 

“At the end of the day, we want our owners to leave with solidified, stronger relationships together,” said Stoness. “That is the most important thing, and it can only be built in person at events like this. The famous entrepreneur Reid Hoffman has a quote where he says: ‘No matter how brilliant you are, if you are playing a solo game, you will lose to a team.’ That is what makes franchising so unique — it is a solo game, but you have a team behind you.” 

By using highly efficient water-fed pole technology, flat-rate pricing and a streamlined online booking model, Elite Window Cleaning franchisees have the opportunity to grow a highly profitable and scalable business in the $70 billion cleaning services market while leveraging a support team with decades of experience. 

Looking ahead, fueled by the momentum of the conference, Stoness expressed optimism and ambition for the brand's growth trajectory. 

"Our plan for the rest of this year is to see our owners enjoy disproportionate growth in their markets while also adding new owners into the system,” said Stoness. “This year’s conference only made us more excited to come together and pave the way for a new wave of expansion and success for Elite Window Cleaning.”

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