Family 'Positive' About ARCpoint Labs Opportunity
Family 'Positive' About ARCpoint Labs Opportunity

Full-service occupational testing facility comes to Santa Fe Springs.

Tony and Theresa Oliver have a background in retail. In fact, they met while working together at Staples in the early 90s.

After starting a family, Theresa decided to focus on raising their two children, Bryce and Jourdin. However, the two continued discussing their dream to one day own a business together. Once the kids were old enough, they realized it was time to make their dream a reality. Working with consultants, the couple decided to become franchisees with ARCpoint Labs.

"Franchising gave us the best opportunity to make the leap into business ownership with the partnership and support of the expert team at ARCpoint Labs," Tony told

The couple signed in December 2014, and they officially opened their doors in June 2015. With an office in Santa Fe Springs, California, they believe the huge industrial economy should present opportunities to work with staffing agencies and businesses that can utilize their drug testing and pre-employment services.

Based on their experience with starting a franchise, Tony told that patience is key.

"Don’t rush it. Do your due diligence. Spend as much time as you need to feel comfortable with your decision," Oliver said. "There’s a tendency, once you make the decision that you want to buy a franchise, to go full-speed ahead, but it’s important to spend the right amount of time to talk it through, research as much as possible and then double-check everything you’ll want and need to be happy in your decision."
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