Entrepreneur Magazine: Becoming a Breakfast Chain's First Ever Franchisee
Entrepreneur Magazine: Becoming a Breakfast Chain's First Ever Franchisee

Famous Toastery franchisees bring better breakfast to their community.

Jason and Michele Serkin moved to South Carolina for work, just not the kind they first envisioned. While the couple moved for Michele’s career as a literacy facilitator, they ended up becoming the very first Famous Toastery franchisees in order to improve the breakfast options in their new home, according to Entrepreneur.

The business duo zeroed in on Famous Toastery after hearing rave reviews from others.

“We visited many restaurants and we asked people in the area what was their favorite breakfast and lunch place,” they told Entrepreneur. “We then asked ourselves which one stands out to us and is really successful. To us, there was not even a close second to Famous Toastery (then Toast Café).”

As for what the future holds, Jason and Michele are just as dedicated to showing what separates Famous Toastery from competitors today as they were when they first started 19 months ago.

“We never want to just be ‘good,’” they said. “We strive to be ‘great!’ We plan on opening more locations as well, to bring Famous Toastery to more families in surrounding communities who will enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable breakfast and lunch restaurant with outstanding food and service.”

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