Famous Toastery Branching Out with Dinner Options Due to High Demand
Famous Toastery Branching Out with Dinner Options Due to High Demand

Franchisees looking to satiate customer demand have option to expand with dinner.

Famous Toastery became famous for its breakfast offerings, but it’s also made a huge splash with the lunch crowd. Now, the brand is also offering franchisees the chance to extend their hours and rolle out a dinner menu to keep up with high customer demand.

Robert Maynard, co-founder and chief executive of Famous Toastery, said the brand’s Davidson, N.C. location has been doing dinner four nights a week for the past eight years. However, the company’s dinner offerings are not set across the board. The expanded menu simply exists as a flexible option for franchise locations where it makes sense.

“Right now we’re still focusing on the core business of breakfast and lunch, but if a restaurant is doing really well and the demand is there, we have a menu for dinner,” Maynard said. “The option is open and if there’s an opportunity, we’re all for it. But we wouldn’t force franchisees to serve dinner; it’s up to them.”

While Famous Toastery’s Davidson location is the only restaurant doing dinner at the moment, it will soon have some company in North Carolina.

“We’re opening another restaurant in Winston-Salem, and it’s such a beautiful spot,” Maynard aid. “I mean, it’s gorgeous, it’s bigger than we would normally do, it’s on three levels, it overlooks the city - the opportunity just knocked on the door. It’s not the type of place you’d want to just do breakfast and lunch.”

From pastas and burgers to chicken and fish, Famous Toastery’s dinner menu is just as focused on fresh, high-quality ingredients as its breakfast and lunch offerings. However, the company knows a dinner menu may not be the best fit for every single location. Just as with its expansion plans, the team at Famous Toastery is dedicated to strategy that makes sense.

“It’s about seizing the opportunity,” Maynard said. “We don’t want people opening a place and doing dinner immediately – we want them to start with the core business. But if demand is high, and since we already know how to do great dinners, it’s definitely something franchisees can explore.”