Famous Toastery Eyes Mississippi to Continue its Expansion Plan into New States as it Moves Westward
Famous Toastery Eyes Mississippi to Continue its Expansion Plan into New States as it Moves Westward

The better-breakfast brand sets its sights on the Magnolia State for the next phase of its growth plans

Americans love brunch, but few states crave the mid-morning meal like Mississippi, making it the ideal destination for Famous Toastery’s upcoming expansion plans.

Mississippians are very fond of their hashes, skillets, biscuits, and grits, all of which are fixtures on Famous Toastery’s menu. With locations across the Carolinas and Virginia and opening plans set for Georgia and Colorado, Famous Toastery Founder and CEO Robert Maynard views Mississippi as a logical next step for the brand’s quest to provide Americans the quality brunch they hunger for.

“We’re in a league of our own in the brunch category,” Maynard said. “There isn’t another restaurant concept out there that’s offering customers meals that are made in house daily at an affordable price. With the way Mississippians love their late morning breakfast, I’m excited to introduce consumers across the state to the Famous Toastery menu and atmosphere. We stand alone.”

While Maynard and Famous Toastery do not yet have a site picked out within the state for its first Mississippi location, it’s only a matter of time before one is selected. Cities like Hattiesburg, Oxford, and Jackson have long been foodie havens, so it’s fair to consider how quickly a Famous Toastery could assimilate into the Magnolia State’s food scene.

It’s evident that the foodies in Mississippi place a premium on fresh ingredients and innovative offerings, two pillars Famous Toastery was founded on. And – seeing as Mississippi calls the South home – Famous Toastery strives to cultivate a southern hospitality aura into each of its restaurants. Maynard and his team have instituted an “every server is your server” mentality into their staff system-wide, which will generate a welcome and familiar environment for their new neighbors and guests in Mississippi.

From menu to atmosphere, Famous Toastery values many of the things that traditional southern food and restaurant connoisseurs value, too.

“I think there’s space for Famous Toastery to grab a hold of the families who are seeking a fresh, consistent, tasty, and affordable brunch across Mississippi,” Maynard said. “The breakfast segment of the restaurant industry is one that desperately needed a shake-up, some reinvigorating, and I believe that’s what we’re achieving with Famous Toastery. Mississippi represents the next phase of our development plans for the remainder of 2017 and beyond.”

The Famous Toastery brand is also becoming a more and more attractive option for entrepreneurs and prospective franchisees.  Franchisees who sign on to be an integral part of that expansion are offered a unique business opportunity because Famous Toastery specializes in breakfast, brunch and lunch. Owners close their restaurants at 3 p.m. and spend the rest of their days with their families, providing a desirable lifestyle that’s hard to come by in the restaurant business.

Mississippi business men and women seeking to enter franchising within the restaurant industry are staring at an opportunity with Famous Toastery that will allow them to join a leader in the segment.