Famous Toastery Introduces Wine Pairings
Famous Toastery Introduces Wine Pairings

Forget mimosas. Wine might be the new drink of choice for brunch-goers thanks to Famous Toastery's new menu pairings.

Brunch’s charm lies in its varied, all-things-to-all-people character. The fare can be deliciously sticky-sweet pancakes, spicy Mexican chilaquiles or braised pork belly with poached eggs. It can be excellent hash with crispy, golden-fried potato, scrambled eggs on toast, or Marmite and butter. Whichever direction you favor, there’s one unwavering constant—brunch is the perfect opportunity to pour yourself a tall glass of your favorite booze before the clock strikes noon.

Pints of spicy Bloody Mary’s and flutes full of tart mimosas have long been the go-to pairings for hungry mid-morning crowds. But now, thanks to Charlotte-based gourmet better-breakfast chain, Famous Toastery, there’s a new brunch drink in town, and it’s classier than ever before—wine.

A Cabernet Sauvignon complements the beauty of a filet mignon. A delicate ice wine, generally made from Riesling, Vidal Blanc or Vignoles grapes, highlights the crisp flavors of an apple dessert. But did you know that a Fetzer Valley Cabernet Sauvignon also pairs well with a sausage and bacon omelet? According to Famous Toastery CEO Robert Maynard, their newest menu is filled with these kinds of ideal wine couplings, and they’re all designed to perfectly balance their wide selection of fresh omelet concoctions.

“When you think of brunch, mimosas and Bloody Mary’s are always the first things to come to mind. And as far as wine goes, we’re likely to consider it as the ideal drink to balance your dinner. But with so many diverse flavor profiles on our brunch menu, especially with our omelets, why not pair them with equally complex and fresh flavors?” Maynard said. “By introducing wine pairings to our brunch menu, we’re offering our patrons a whole new layer of flavors that were previously untapped. For example, the right aged wine can reveal an entirely different flavor of earthy, mushroom notes in our MBS omelet.”

The new wine pairing options will hit menus at all corporate Famous Toastery locations. Pairing highlights include a Fetzer Riesling, which has notes of dried fruit, lavender, peach, pineapple and pear, with a crisp finish that works well with the brand’s Tofu Omelet; the California Bonterra Winemaker’s Reserve boasts flavors of Golden apple, tropical fruit and toasted almonds, and its rich, buttery finish pairs well with their Eggs New Yorker; and the Fetzer Eagle Peak Merlot, with hints of black cherries, plums, caramel and toffee complements the Southwestern Omelet.

“With our sights set on opening 25 locations by the end of 2016, we hope our pursuit to constantly better the brunch landscape will help catapult the brand to national recognition,” Maynard said.