Why I Continue to Invest: Famous Toastery Franchisees Cite Corporate Support and a Top-Notch Product as Reasons to Expand with the Better Breakfast Br...
Why I Continue to Invest: Famous Toastery Franchisees Cite Corporate Support and a Top-Notch Product as Reasons to Expand with the Better Breakfast Brand...

Famous Toastery offers territories for both single and multi-unit operators to excel.

Breakfast will never go out of style, and if anyone knows that it’s Famous Toastery. With 32 locations currently open, plus plans to have a total of at least 55 locations open by the end of 2019, the brand is well-positioned to become a major player in the breakfast space.

For this reason, the brand aims to attract both single and multi-unit franchisees. Indeed, its franchisees often find plenty of reason to invest in more than one location. With available territories throughout the U.S., the time is certainly ripe to become a Famous Toastery owner.

Enter Famous Toastery franchisees - and husband-and-wife teams - Jason and Michelle Serkin and Dean and Beth Kessel. They were already huge fans of the brand when they decided to become franchisees. Today, the Serkins have four open locations and the Kessels have three open locations. The decision to make the jump to multi-unit franchisee doesn’t come lightly, but the Serkins and the Kessels were confident in their decisions to expand with the brand.

The Serkins opened their first Famous Toastery franchise in Tega Cay, South Carolina and became the brand’s first multi-unit franchisees. Jason in particular cited the brand’s family feel, which he said was a far cry from more cookie-cutter franchises.

“We looked at many different restaurant franchise opportunities and we just felt that Famous Toastery was the best,” Jason said.

The Kessels opened their first Famous Toastery in Cary, North Carolina, which is located in the heart of the so-called Research Triangle. That was back in September 2014, and the restaurant soon proved to be a major hit among the locals.

“There were three main things about Famous Toastery that led us to franchise with the brand,” Dean said. “For one, we felt the breakfast category was underserved and that we could do well in it. Also, the Famous Toastery corporate team is comprised of wonderful people who fulfill their promises to franchisees. Lastly, the brand has delicious dishes and an excellent service model. We’re thrilled to be able to provide such high quality customer service.”

In 2017, the Kessels committed to opening nine more Famous Toastery locations within North Carolina. The way they saw it, they had found a truly wonderful food franchise concept and did not desire to look at franchise opportunities in other sectors.  

“Not many brands put as much effort into their breakfasts as Famous Toastery does,” Dean said. “This is precisely why we stand out so much in the category. Customers can depend on us to get their favorite breakfast items from the morning through the late afternoon.”

The Kessels also loved the opportunity to have a very different kind of workday. Dean especially loves being able to close up shop every day at 3 p.m., which allows for more family time. He also enjoys the autonomy the brand gives to its franchisees. The way he sees it, providing excellent service and hiring the right people go a long way in contributing to the success of his multi-unit Famous Toastery franchise venture.

“I knew my locations would do well as long as I made sure to hire the right people and give them the resources they’d need to do their jobs well,” Dean said.

The startups costs for a Famous Toastery franchise range from $620,500 to $1,044,500. The franchise fee is $40,000. To learn more about franchising with Famous Toastery, visit http://www.ownatoastery.com/.