Why These New Franchisees Immediately Signed to Open Two Famous Toastery Locations
Why These New Franchisees Immediately Signed to Open Two Famous Toastery Locations

Mark and Beth Labuskes were drawn to the mom & pop atmosphere of the better breakfast franchise and delicious scratch kitchen menu options.

Mark and Beth Labuskes knew that they wanted to go into business for themselves, but not by themselves, so they explored numerous franchise opportunities before signing to open two Famous Toastery locations of their own. Mark taught sixth grade for eight years, transitioned into a sales and marketing role and finally worked as the general manager for Brixx Wood Fire Pizza . His wife Beth has a background in marketing, which translated perfectly for them to co-own a restaurant together.

“One day, I was home and told my dad to head down the street to a Famous Toastery to give it a try. My dad came back and raved about the food, concept and service. My dad said to me, ‘This is the franchise you have to buy, I’m telling you,’ and my wife Beth and I decided that Famous Toastery was the concept for us,” said Mark.

Before finalizing the decision, the couple explored a number of different franchise opportunities, focusing on the restaurant and service industry. Mark and Beth met with the corporate team from Famous Toastery and signed to open two locations in North Carolina late last year.

“I always knew about the brand. I went to one of their first locations and I loved the mom and pop feel. I think what resonated so well with my wife and I was that we really enjoyed the corporate team and they enjoyed our company, too. Beth and I felt like we were the perfect candidate for the growing better breakfast concept,” said Mark.

“Famous Toastery is a relatively new company that hasn’t lost its roots. I could feel the corporate team’s emotion and energy toward the brand. One of the founders, Brian, still works consistently, helping open up new restaurants. I love the family atmosphere and great staff. All of the staff at each location are professional servers who take their job seriously and are excited to come into work each day and make a difference for their customers,” said Mark.

The Labuskes’ first location opened in Matthews this fall, and they are actively scouting real estate in surrounding cities for their second location.

“Historically speaking, it is not unlikely for our franchisees to do really well, really quickly,” said Founder and CEO Robert Maynard. “Mark and Beth will be a great asset to the Famous Toastery family, and their desire to succeed will not only keep their first location busy with customers, but it will also inspire them to get their second location up and running quickly.”

For more information about franchising opportunities with Famous Toastery, visit http://ownatoastery.com.