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5 Reasons Why FirstLight Home Care is a Great Franchise Opportunity

From forward-thinking technology to multiple revenue streams, the homecare franchise is setting franchisees up for success.

By Colleen Quaid1851 Contributor
SPONSOREDUpdated 10:10AM 08/29/19

FirstLight Home Care is more than just a home care franchise. Their commitment to customer service, building relationships and their people-first philosophy allows it to stand out in a competitive space. Beyond their home care expertise, there’s layer of franchise support, development, and innovation that proves FirstLight is thinking of the future of home care. Check out these five reasons why FirstLight is the perfect franchise opportunity for anyone who considers caring for others as their calling.

Leadership and Management Team Experience

The leadership team behind FirstLight is unparalleled in the industry. Not only does the team have 160 years of combined franchise experience, but 140 of those years are in the home care space. Having a team with this type of experience is invaluable to new and experienced franchisees.

As Scott Oaks, Director of Franchise Development at FirstLight, put it, “This is invaluable for our owners. Whether our franchisees are in the startup phase, or they have a year of experience, they are going to face challenges. At FirstLight, they are backed by a management team who have been through these challenges and understand how to handle almost any issues that can arise.”

Culture of Care Promise

FirstLight is built on the expectation that every person is treated with respect--where caregivers embrace each day with the values of trust, honesty, respect, integrity and dedication. This is based on several unique factors woven to create a world-class level of service. The hospitality industry experience of Devin Bevis, Executive Director of Franchise Services and Co-Founder of FirstLight, has been instrumental in creating this Culture of Care. His experience and training in a world-class hospitality brand have led to innovative ways many of these same attributes have become core components of the culture, training and service experiences at FirstLight Home Care.  

As Oaks shared, “Our Culture of Care is the foundation of how we operate and is incorporated into everything we do. From hiring staff to getting client feedback, to taking care of challenges. We use these processes to help evolve our service so we’re constantly providing the very highest level of care in the home care industry.”

Comprehensive Technology Suite

Every home care concept has a technology solution. FirstLight has an entire technology platform with an increasing range of added offerings all integrated into the single platform.  A distinct advantage to franchisees in both cost, time-savings and efficiencies.

"We have put together a comprehensive technology platform and dedicated support team that meets the needs of our franchisees for today and tomorrow, and gives them the support at the level they've come to expect as FirstLight franchisees."

Ability to Care for Anyone 18 Years of Age and Older

In the home care space, 95% of the industry is focused on seniors. FirstLight franchisees can care for anyone 18 years of age and older. From veterans to adults with disabilities, to new moms, anyone 18 years of age and older who needs in-home care can be supported in the FirstLight model. For franchisees, this means more revenue opportunities and the opportunity to gain greater client diversity for rapid growth. 

Access to National Alliances

Most home care franchise concepts will have access to national programs, but the diversity of these alliances at FirstLight is incomparable. With an ever-increasing base of differing healthcare organizations, national alliance relationships are a major differentiator. FirstLight actively works to build these relationships to be able to offer their franchisees additional revenue opportunities they may not have been able to get access to on their own.

With startup costs between $110,881-$167,876 and an increased demand for home care services, now is the perfect time to own a FirstLight Home Care franchise

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