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FirstLight Home Care Provides Exceptional Care For Any Adult In Need

From senior care to respite care, FirstLight understands the importance of providing comfort, care and companionship.

By Colleen Quaid1851 Contributor
SPONSORED 1:13PM 09/18/18

FirstLight Home Care was founded with the core intent of creating a different and better home care level of service. Jeff Bevis not only had worked in the home care industry for many years and noticed that the system was broken, but his son Devin also helped care for aging grandparents and saw the challenges to find a quality solution. As a result, they decided to build a better model from the ground up. FirstLight was built on a people-first philosophy, focused on creating real, personal connections and taking the homecare industry to new heights. 

Jeff and Devin worked for 6 months, creating the core infrastructure, putting the technological systems in place and hiring the right people in order to lay the groundwork for successful growth. Now, just 8 years later, FirstLight has grown into a robust franchise system committed to enriching the lives of the people they care for and their families.

But FirstLight is more than just a home care franchise. The brand sets itself apart through its forward-thinking approach to technology. Director of Franchise Development Scott Oaks explained, “We have a proprietary system that we’ve developed that gives our franchisees a huge competitive advantage. The cloud-based system helps franchisees run every aspect of their business from billing and scheduling to invoicing from anywhere they do business. It also comes complete with 24-hour IT support.”

But that’s not the only thing that sets FirstLight apart from its competitors. FirstLight’s leadership team has over 130 years of combined industry experience. Due to their extensive background, the FirstLight team has been able to create a robust, easy-to-follow model that benefits caregivers and clients alike. The brand’s innovation isn’t just found in their technological platform, but also their unique approach to care. The franchise provides quality care for anybody over 18 years old, unlike other models that only care for specific segments in need. Oaks shared, “Almost 95% of the industry is focused on senior care. We focus on providing exceptional care and service to anybody over 18 years old. Our Culture of Care is based on one of the top customer service models in the world. As such, FirstLight enables franchise owners from all different backgrounds and disciplines to benefit from our model.”

The franchise prides itself on its stand-out customer service, and their franchise owners all have one thing in common: Passion to make a difference. “Almost 90% of our owners have had some personal experience with mom or dad or grandma or grandpa needing this type of help,” shared Oaks. “Our support and training systems are structured to help franchisees from any background be successful. But, we are very selective about our franchisees because they must be committed to their caregivers AND both share and understand our Why mentality.”

Franchisees who sign on with FirstLight enjoy the benefits of entering one of the fastest growing industries that offers dynamic potential ROI, while making a difference in the community and people’s everyday lives. They also are joining a dedicated team committed to getting each franchisee off to a strong start so they achieve their level of success as early as possible. They do so by implementing some of the most robust on-site training and support found in any industry.

“We have all of the traditional corporate training that many other franchises offer including phone and email support. But one of our differentiators lies in our boots-on-the-ground support right from the beginning. Not once, but twice during the onboarding process we have our business directors on site in the franchisee’s marketplace to help support every aspect of the FirstLight business, building brand awareness and getting them off to a strong start. After opening, our directors visit the location again on a regular basis for several days to continue training and provide the hands-on support needed to help franchisees thrive,” shared Oaks.

With startup costs between $99,681-$152,926, franchisees can join a community of dedicated business leaders who are committed to providing the absolute highest level of care and compassionate caregivers committed to enhancing families’ everyday lives. With the support of the company’s seasoned service and support team, there’s no better time than now to join FirstLight Home Care. 

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