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FirstLight Home Care Franchisees Report 90% Franchisee Satisfaction

Yearly franchisee surveys provide an open communication channel that has helped the home care franchise thrive

By Colleen Quaid1851 Contributor
SPONSORED 9:09AM 08/21/18

FirstLight Home Care prides itself on franchisee satisfaction. In fact, each year the home care franchise surveys its franchisees and over 90% of franchisees surveyed said they agree when asked if they trust that the franchise acts with a high level of honesty and integrity. In order to execute the survey, the brand works with Franchise Business Review to give franchisees a space to provide constructive, anonymous feedback.

“We take our franchisee’s feedback to heart,” shared FirstLight’s President and CEO Jeff Bevis. “This transparent partnership allows us to augment our processes to better serve franchisee needs and further progress our strategic vision.”

According to Franchise Business Review President and COO, Michelle Rowan, FirstLight’s proactive use of the data is what makes them stand out from other clients.

“FirstLight is very good at using the data in the process with candidates. They started gathering feedback early on in their franchise process. A lot of times franchisors think franchisees will tell them when there are issues early on but that’s not always the case. Surveying at a small size helps to realign focus and expectations and allows franchisors to set the standard as the company grows.”

Jeff Bevis and his son, and co-founder, Devin Bevis understood the value of customer service and client satisfaction in the early days of the franchise. Devin comes from a background in the hospitality industry and he saw firsthand the value of providing outstanding customer service for customers and employees. That type of forward-thinking approach to culture is what has FirstLight franchisees ranking the brand high for franchisee satisfaction.

“FirstLight consistently has high satisfaction and it’s easy for them to not think it’s important to continue to surveying each year when they see positive results,” shared Rowan. “But Jeff understands it’s important to provide the franchisees an opportunity to give feedback so the brand can take the information to shape how they spend their time and money best in the following year to better support and grow the system.”

In addition to utilizing survey data for identifying opportunities for increased support and initiatives, FirstLight leverages the information to get potential franchisees excited about the brand.

Shared Jeff, “We believe in full transparency, for our franchisees and potential candidates. The data we collect in our yearly survey also serves as an information source for candidates to review as a brand validator in addition to franchisee conversations.”

Many times companies will execute surveys and not understand how to utilize the results to initiate any change, but FirstLight has created a robust communication channel for franchisees to provide feedback and assist in shaping the company's vision. For Rowan, FirstLight is one company that she has seen leverage survey data in creating positive change better than most.

“FirstLight has honesty, integrity and a strong team culture that has created a strong base relationship with their franchisees. Because of this, franchisees trust them when they push out new initiatives because there is a clear understanding of company vision. The key is, they haven’t taken their eyes off current franchisees when focusing on growth. They have shown existing franchisees support as they welcome in new owners. They’ve done a great job balancing that.”

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