FirstLight Home Care’s Mission Drew Marianne and Lyndon Christman To the Brand
FirstLight Home Care’s Mission Drew Marianne and Lyndon Christman To the Brand

Lyndon came out of retirement and Marianne quit her long-time career to join FirstLight Home Care Franchise.

When Marianne and Lyndon Christman decided it was time to start a business on their own, they knew they had to find a franchise that aligned with their family's values. Lyndon was retired and Marianne still worked in the healthcare industry. Marianne was well-versed in FirstLight Home Care due to her experience in the industry and had taken note of the company's culture during her time working with the brand.

Shared Marianne, “As a National Account Manager, one of my clients was FirstLight. I had business with other franchise home care systems and I always told Lyndon that FirstLight stood out because the people are friendlier and more corporate seemed more helpful. It was a whole different atmosphere than other systems I was working with.”

The couple started to do some research on different home care concepts, but Marianne’s assumptions were correct -- nothing compared with FirstLight. Right from the start, the couple saw that FirstLight’s leadership was focused on proving the best customer service -- they worked together as one team and treated people with respect and integrity.

“You have to believe in the vision, the path and the environment,” shared Lyndon. “I’m a big believer that culture is what drives the company through bumps in the road. The culture is what sustains a company. Once we knew we had the same values as FirstLight, we knew it was a good fit.”

Once they signed the papers, the Christmans were off to a quick start. The couple wanted to open a location in their county and a FirstLight was for sale in Dublin, OH. The couple signed on to take over the Dublin location and just one year later, another owner called the couple to see if they were interested in taking over a location in Delaware, OH. Soon after, they also signed on to buy one in Newark, OH. The Christmans now serve the entirety of the metro Columbus area. And, although the rapid growth was all by coincidence, the couple couldn't be happier.

“We have a passion for home care and keeping people at home if that’s where they want to be,” shared Marianne. “We’ve taken care of grandparents and parents. Most people want to age where they currently live and if we can assist them, that's what we want to do.”

Lyndon is thrilled with the couple’s progress so far and looks forward to being on the forefront of home care technology with support from FirstLight. The franchise is continually upgrading their franchisee software system in order to help franchisees be more efficient, rather than getting bogged down with industry paperwork. The Christmans are excited about the future of the brand and are proud to be part of such a passionate, caring community. 

Shared Marianne, “If anyone is interested in purchasing a franchise, they can’t go wrong with the support they will receive from FirstLight. Even though, like any franchise, it has its trial and tribulations, it’s still a very rewarding business to be in.”

With 168 current units open and start-up costs ranging from $99,681-$152,926, now is the perfect time to bring a FirstLight Home Care franchise to your community.

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