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fitWAVE Brings Its Group Fitness Concept to Minooka, Illinois

With programming designed to accommodate every level of exerciser, the gym franchise is quickly establishing itself as an unparalleled offering in the Minooka community.

By Luca Piacentini1851 Franchise Managing Editor
SPONSOREDUpdated 12:12PM 04/19/22

fitWAVE, the group-workout concept oriented around 16-week cycles that focus on mobility, core, balance and strength through a series of 60-minute workouts, recently opened its first location in Minooka at 1010 S Ridge Rd. 

“For those in Minooka looking for fitness programs based around mobility, balance and body fat loss, fitWAVE is the best option,” said Josh Biba, the franchisee behind the fitWAVE location and the owner of the Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs gym next-door. “Members have unlimited access to classes, and we offer Body Composition Scans to break down muscle mass and body fat percentage and outline a plan for results. We also have an accountability system — if a member says they want to come in three days a week and don’t show up one of those days, we will send them a text and follow up.”

Biba says the fitWAVE model is unlike anything else offered in Minooka. The fitWAVE concept comes from fitness industry veteran Josh Chrestman, a former D1 football player, and high school wrestling champ. fitWAVE offers a group workout that puts members through phases or “waves” for 16 weeks — with each session lasting approximately 60 minutes and focusing on mobility, core, balance, and strength through a series of 60-minute workouts. Chrestman created fitWAVE at his gym in Sandwich, Illinois as a fusion of these different fitness styles, incorporating the science behind each to offer the best programming to the most diverse group of fitness levels. 

“This is personal training at a group fitness level — we have some members who are over 400 pounds looking to lose body fat and we also have phenomenal athletes focused on mobility,” Biba said. “People from all walks of life can come in and meet their goals. Our standard is about giving each and every member respect and cultivating a strong culture. We are already seeing amazing results, and members are coming back at an amazing rate.”

Biba largely attributes the size and speed of membership growth to the brand’s group fitness classes, which encourage both referrals and retention. “There are so many people in this community who prefer to exercise in groups, whether that’s just for the camaraderie or to hold each other accountable,” he said. “There are no boutique fitness concepts offering group classes at this caliber in the Minooka community. We have one group of women who have been doing group programs together for a decade, so when they learned a fitWAVE was opening in town, they signed up immediately. They were here on day one, and because they’re in it together, they keep coming back. It’s a packed class every week.” 

“We are excited to open in Minooka and bring this unique and effective group workout concept to this community,“ said Chrestman. “fitWAVE allows fitness professionals to take their fitness center to the next level and get access to a killer workout regime. We started in Illinois, and we are confident Minooka will be the perfect market for the fitWAVE brand.”

About fitWAVE: 

fitWAVE is a group-workout concept oriented around 16-week cycles that focus on mobility, core, balance and strength through a series of 60-minute workouts. Designed by athlete and fitness industry veteran Josh Chrestman, the program puts members through phases, or “waves,” that allow them to reach their peak potential. fitWAVE offers a flexible footprint that can fit almost any retail space with a scalable concept that goes from 1,500 to 3,000 square feet. And unlike most fitness concepts, which rely on large, densely populated urban markets, fitWAVE was designed to succeed in towns as small as just 15,000. To learn more about fitWAVE, visit