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fitWAVE Set To Open First Branded Location in Minooka, Illinois

The affordable and scalable fitness franchise gives fitness professionals a chance to turn their passion into a lucrative business.

fitWAVE, the low-cost fitness franchise that started in a locally owned Illinois gym, is gearing up to open its first branded location in Minooka in the late summer of 2021. The Minooka fitWAVE will be located next to the Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs on South Ridge Road. 

The fitWAVE concept comes from fitness industry veteran Josh Chrestman, a former D1 football player and high school wrestling champ. fitWAVE offers a group-workout concept based on 16-week cycles focusing on mobility, core, balance and strength through a series of 60-minute workouts. He created fitWAVE at his gym in Sandwich, Illinois as a fusion of different fitness styles, incorporating the science behind each to offer the best programming to the most diverse group of fitness levels. This innovative programming creates a dedicated fan base in the community and increases member retention exponentially by targeting a wide array of demographics. In addition to helping athletes and casual exercisers alike achieve peak results, fitWAVE was designed to provide franchisees with a proven business model based on satisfied members. 

“We are excited to open in Minooka and bring this unique and effective group workout concept to this community,“ said Chrestman. “As a business, fitWAVE allows fitness professionals to take their fitness center to the next level and get access to a killer workout regime. It’s low-cost, flexible with real estate and has a proven membership model that can scale to fit markets our competitors can’t reach.”

Following the opening of the Minooka location, the fitWAVE concept is ready to take the fitness industry by storm. fitWAVE’s flexible footprint can scale from 1,500 to 3,000 square feet. While most fitness concepts need a large, densely populated city to work, fitWAVE’s small scale allows it to take root in towns like Minooka with as few as 15,000 people, where the average income is as low as $65,000. This translates to a lower initial investment, lower ongoing costs like rent and the ability to avoid many of the rules and regulations that come with entering larger concepts.

“We believe the biggest opportunity in the fitness industry right now is a lower-investment and more lifestyle-flexible concept,” said Jason Markowicz, CEO of fitWAVE and Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs, another fitness franchise that has succeeded in small towns in Illinois and Indiana. “Josh had the program, we had the franchising background and we had an interested franchisee prospect who didn’t have the capital to open something big but could hustle and scale something smaller.”

Now, as the COVID-19 vaccine reaches wide distribution, fitWAVE’s affordable, optimized business model presents fitness fanatics with the perfect opportunity to get into business with a winning team. In addition to Minooka, fitWAVE has already signed agreements to open three new locations so far in 2021.

“I am thrilled to see the fitWAVE vision come true as we gear up to open our first branded fitness center,” said Chrestman. “We started in Illinois, and we are confident Minooka will be the perfect market for the fitWAVE brand. Looking ahead, we are excited to continue bringing our concept to new communities across the country.”


Franchise Fit For You is a franchisee-first franchisor and franchisee consultancy. It is the franchisor behind low-cost group-fitness franchise fitWAVE as well as Fitness Premier 24/7 Clubs, a larger-box fitness brand. As a franchisee consultancy, Fit For You offers guidance for future franchisees on finding the best fit for their personal and financial goals. Fit For You is run by Jason Markowicz, a former multi-unit franchise owner of Massage Envy and current developer of Prose Nails, a membership-based nail salon. For more information, visit